Psalm 116 1-2
I love the Lord, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy.
Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer,,Agape we have it?

Summer...another season. I love summer too. I have noticed that I blog that except for the fall, I love all 3 other seasons. I am debating on deleting my blog page. Don't have much in this summer season to write about. My teens are growing faster and faster, it has been a lot of changes. I would say this past year has held leaps of changes in my children now teens, Some of the changes are wonderful some very difficult.
But my hope and strength is in the Lord, my joy is also in the Lord! I know the things that are wonderful are from Him and the difficult adjustments He is in.
It is amazing to me now that the teen years are here, how "easy" the younger years were!!
My children are wonderful teens, but there are a lot of issues they face, decisions they have to make, that as they are making them, it can just make your heart ache. And all you can do as their parent is talk as much as they will listen and most of all Pray...pray..pray trust and believe.
That overwhelming Love you feel for that sweet newborn only grows deeper as they grow. So when they hurt or make decisions you feel could harm hurt...and worry. Until you are reminded again and again. The Lord is faithful to keep those children. He loves them more then we do. Gosh what a Love that is, because I love them so very much.

I am currently reading and studying a book for a class we are in called. "Breaking John Bevere. So much good stuff in this book. The book teaches so much about our heart, what is truly rooted deep in our heart and how that comes out when we are pressed by a spirit of fear and intimidation.. It explains how we will know the Love we have for the Lord or self love by our"Thank You Lord for always providing teachings and tools to grow closer to you.." One of the things I am seeking is the be rooted in a true Love for Jesus. Love for the Lord that gives up our desires, our will, is the Love that does not fear, does not fall to intimidation and timidity because those things grasps us when we love ourselves the most. When the Lord is our first and true Love, then we do not respond to intimidation and fear the way we do when our root is more of a love for ourselves....hmmmm...there it is again.
It is by grace and the Holy Spirit we have the agape love. That is my focus right now, show me Lord where I love myself more than you, and in your grace fill me with your spirit to be able to Love you with an agape love.
I look forward to the Lord's grace and compassion to fill me with that Agape love for Him. The one who loved me first! The one who is the cause for so many of my smiles, my joy inside and peace of mind.
Hold tight to Him wherever you are in your journey to know the Lord deeper.

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